Five Reasons to Buy an SHR IPL Machine for Your Business

5 Reasons to Buy an SHR IPL Machine for Your Business

One of the most requested treatments at any salon, spa, or clinic is hair removal. Super Hair Removal (SHR) lasers are a new way of achieving hair removal that is painless and free of side effects. Traditional hair removal lasers employ significant amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles for permanent reduction but come with painful, long procedures. Here are five reasons that you should buy a new SHR IPL machine for your business today.

  1. It’s painless. One of the best parts about an SHR IPL machine is that the treatments are painless! This means you’ll have happy clients who are interested in booking services for all their troublesome spots.

  2. Fast treatments. Treatments with an SHR IPL machine take half the time as regular IPL hair reduction. This means you can treat more patients and provide more convenient services.

  3. Repeat business. No permanent hair reduction method can be completed in one treatment and the same goes for the SHR IPL machine. For best results, clients should receive 6-10 treatments. The machine works on a cumulative basis and as a result you’ll have repetitive, sustained business.

  4. Marketability. Because the SHR IPL machine provides such a great service, it’s inherently marketable. Clients love treatments that are pain-free and convenient yet provide lasting results. With SHR IPL machine services, clients can book an appointment on their lunch break and be back at the office without hassle.

  5. Differentiation. Providing a traditional service with cutting-edge technology will differentiate you from the crowd. SHR IPL can be used on all skin types, all hair types, and any time. This well-rounded service gives you a leg up on businesses providing traditional hair removal services.

Packaging SHR IPL services with other beauty equipment or in bulk is a great way to introduce this technology to your existing customers. Offer a discounted bulk package or an add-on price to existing customers and an introductory deal to new ones. Any way you present it, considering a SHR IPL machine for sale will pay off in no time.

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