How to Set Client Expectations for IPL Machine Treatments

A wide range of skin concerns can be remedied using an IPL machine.

However, just as anything else, they are not a magic solution to every scenario. From hair removal to acne management and beyond, IPL machines can truly help those who are seeking treatment for a variety of skin issues. When you offer IPL machine treatments, you’ll need to prepare your clients for what they can expect before, during, and after services.

Each Case is Different

The first thing to address during a client consultation, no matter what the service selected, is the fact that every case is different. Different bodies are built differently, therefore IPL machine treatments impact each person in unique ways. For example, if a client is interested in receiving hair removal treatments with an IPL machine, their type of hair, growth cycle, heritage, and hormone balance all must be taken into consideration when plotting a treatment plan. If you go over this information during the initial consult, the client’s expectations will be set properly.

Number of Sessions

As each case is different, each treatment plan will be unique to the individual client. The number of sessions needed to achieve optimum results depends on the client’s specific needs and goals. IPL machines can be used for everything from skin rejuvenation to acne management to treating vascular issues, but the time it takes for each client to be completely satisfied can vary. Making sure to communicate this fact, and the idea that maintenance sessions may be required, is key to ending up with a happy client.


When you have a consult with a client, make sure you’re clear on what their expectations for results are. As every case is unique, so are the results. We’ve discussed the need for varying treatment plans and understanding a client’s expected results before you begin is crucial. If your client wants to be completely hairless after one session, then start to set the expectations for treatment right away to avoid disappointment.

Offering IPL machine treatments can bring your business a wealth of new clients, but managing expectations will keep them coming back. If you have questions about IPL machines for sale or are looking to invest in one, contact us!

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