What Is SHR?

What is SHR?

SHR simply stands forSuper Hair Removal. It is the latest breakthrough innovation in IPL technology specifically geared towards delivering IPL hair removal treatments that are faster, more comfortable and easier than ever. Beauty therapists, aestheticians, clinicians and IPL operators can now enjoy the multiple business and client benefits of advanced SHR technology in their salon, spa, medispa, clinic or practice.

How is SHR different to traditional IPL hair removal?

From the outside an SHR IPL machine looks like any other IPL machine and likewise operates via a handpiece which is positioned over the treatment area. The difference lies within the device and how the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) energy is delivered through the handpiece. Where with traditional IPL hair removal delivers individual high intensity shots to the treatment area, the breakthrough technology of SHR offers a more evenly distributed and uniform energy application by scanning the treatment zone and gradually heating the skin with repetitive low fluence pulses. The treatment area is evenly and gradually heated until the hair follicle is destroyed, resulting in stunted hair regrowth or absolute elimination of the unwanted hair.

What are the advantages of SHR over traditional IPL hair removal?

SHR is changing the face of permanent hair removal as an in-demand beauty and lifestyle treatment. The benefits not only appeal to the clients on the receiving end of SHR IPL hair removal treatments, but also to the beauty businesses offering SHR services. Here’s why:

Treatment is painless

Say goodbye to pain, discomfort and irritation during traditional IPL hair removal sessions. Thanks to the high pulse repetition rate at low energy level distribution of the IPL wavelengths, SHR IPL hair removal sessions are virtually painless – making it a fantastic selling point for your business and an attractive hair removal option for those (even sensitive skin types) seeking permanent hair removal results without the fear and worry of pain or discomfort throughout the treatment experience.


Where can SHR treat?

SHR technology is perfect for rapidly scanning and treating hair on large areas of the body such as the legs, arms, back, chest, buttocks and abdomen. The treatment process is virtually painless for the client and is finished in half the time of a typical IPL hair removal session.

For smaller or uniquely shaped areas of the body such as the feet or face, SHR devices can be switched to regular IPL hair removal mode to enable full body treatments. This is because the scanning method of SHR technology is not suited to small, hard to reach or irregularly shaped parts of the body.

Session times are now slashed in half

With SHR technology, your clients are now in and out of the treatment room in half the time of a typical IPL hair removal session. There has simply never been a faster or more effective approach to IPL hair removal before the introduction of SHR technology. Rapid session times means clients can pop in for treatments despite busy schedules and lifestyles, while beauty businesses can now double the amount of IPL hair removal appointments in a single day thereby boosting not only daily productivity, but profits as well.

The science behind SHR SHR technology works via a handpiece which exposes the hair follicle to high pulse repetition rates at low energy levels to gradually heat the hair follicle. The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs this applied light and is heated to the point of destruction, resulting in complete removal of the hair follicle or stunted regrowth.

SHR differs from traditional IPL hair removal in that it rapidly scans the treatment zone and gradually heats the skin with repetitive low fluence pulses instead of delivering individual high intensity shots. This gentle yet still highly effective process eliminates the pain and discomfort typically associated with traditional IPL hair removal, making SHR an attractive permanent hair removal solution for even those with sensitive skin types or a low pain threshold.

This rapid scanning method of hair removal means that a larger area of skin is treated at the one time, enabling a much faster treatment process that takes half the time of a traditional IPL hair removal session.

Treat a wider range of skin types

Along with the benefit of painless permanent hair removal, SHR technology also boasts the ability to treat a wider range of hair colours and skin characteristics, effectively and permanently reducing hair on Fitzpatrick skin types I-V.

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